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Jamie Lynn x Asymbol Time Lapse Mural

16 December 2014, 16.26 | Posted in artist collaboration | No comments »

Hopefully you’ve had the chance to see Jamie Lynn’s effortless style on a snowboard, but you may have not seen how fluidly he gets down on a mural. Peep Jamie’s multi-media brilliance as he freestyles a fresh mural at Asymbol Gallery in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, JL is sick with it whatever he does.

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Oakley | For Me Revelstoke Full Part

15 December 2014, 12.11 | Posted in snowboarding, videos | No comments »

This full part from Oakley’s Snowboarding: For Me with Mark McMorris, Jake Blauvelt, Terje Håkonsen and Nicolas Müller, getting it in Revelestoke is the stuff snowboard dreams are made of. Make your Monday better in 3 minutes by pressing play.

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dose | 2014 Epic Holiday Gear Haul

11 December 2014, 05.50 | Posted in Skateboarding, snowboarding, special editions | No comments »

Just in time for the Holidaze, Timbo Claus delivers an essential winter gear haul from adidas, Burton, GoPro, Lib Tech, TheGoodLife!, Oakley, SHUT and more on this special edition of dose.

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T.I. Feat. Young Thug | We Want War

24 November 2014, 17.04 | Posted in Music, videos | No comments »

Maaaan we been had the idea to do a rap video at the paintball spot, unfortunately T.I. and Young Thug beat us to it. This is definitely another love it or hate Young Thug joint where he clearly made up his lyrics in the booth, but you know what, who are we to criticize his genius, ODB didn’t write shit down either.

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Fred Water Steel Flask Kickstarter Video

24 November 2014, 09.18 | Posted in water | No comments »

We’ve had an appreciation for what Fred Water has been doing up til now but after this video appeal for their new steel flask on Kickstarter we are bona fide fans. This shit is hilarious! And the bottle is genius too. Check out Tony Hawk, Jaws, Annie Boulanger and that dude from Flight of the Conchords convince you to invest, it worked on us! Hit the jump for some detailed looks at the flask.

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dose | Burton x Big Agnes

19 November 2014, 10.25 | Posted in camping | No comments »

Burton is getting into the camping game for 2015 with a collaboration with one of the country’s top tent makers, Big Agnes out of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. In the latest dose Timbo heads to Urban Cowboy in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to check out the tents with Burton’s Luis Calderin. As you can see, the Burton x Big Agnes collection has a bit more than survival in mind.

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Black Scale Winter 14 Look Book

18 November 2014, 15.44 | Posted in Fashion, look books | 1 comment »

unnamed 25 540x360 Black Scale Winter 14 Look Book
Black Scale are at their apex right now, having rightfully turned the corner from streetwear brand to full blown fashion label. And even though their latest look book feature some styles not many short of Theophilus London can pull off, they still don’t stray too far from their hardcore streetwear roots. Black Scale Winter is coming November 22, hit the jump for the full look book.

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Coalatree | SF x Big Sur Weekend

18 November 2014, 13.10 | Posted in lifestyle, Skateboarding, videos | 1 comment »

Got a whole bunch of beautiful images in this mellow vid from Coalatree showing what it’s like to be a member of their skate team. Skating n campin, who needs much more than that?

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Jenkem | Skating NY’s Abandoned Psych Ward

18 November 2014, 11.53 | Posted in Skateboarding, videos | No comments »

Jenkem keeps killing it with original content with their latest video featuring Rob Miceli skating what has to rank as one of the scariest places on earth: the abandoned Kings Park Psychiatric Center in Long Island, NY. Home to some of the gnarliest shit that has been done to people on US soil in the modern era, Kings Park was literally an entire city for insane people back when they were treated bad, like really bad. And now its one hell of a DIY skate park, the world is a crazy place isn’t it?

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adidas Snowboarding | Nomad 3/3

18 November 2014, 10.48 | Posted in snowboarding, videos | No comments »

As promised here is the conclusion of adidas’ global snowboarding series Nomad which takes Keegan Valaika, Forest Bailey, Artem Smolin, Alex Tank and Jonas Michilot across Russia and beyond on the Trans Siberian Railroad. Not only did they not end up in the gulag, they brought back some hammers too.

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