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The Shadow Conspiracy Holiday 2008 Collection

10 November 2008, 12.25 | Posted in bmx, Fashion | 1 comment »

BMX centered Shadow Conspiracy launches their holiday 2008 collection next week. The offerings include many of the basics — thermals, crews, zip hoodies and caps. Among the more interesting items is the mesh backed hat, with embossed foam front. Graphically, typography leads the charge. As you may expect greys and blacks dominate the color schemes. The collection is complemented by The Shadow Conspiracy’s newest team DVD, which drops on December 12, 2008.

Check out selections from The Shadow Conspiracy Holiday 2008 after the jump.

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1 comment
  1. Anonymous:

    Shadow is seriously the worst company in BMX.

    I wish they’d focus more on their hard goods then simply catering to the hypebeasts (of which there are none in BMX) all the time.

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