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Louis Vuitton Enters Skate Market

17 November 2008, 23.20 | Posted in Sneakers | 5 comments »

louis vuitton sk8 hi sneakers Louis Vuitton Enters Skate Market

Obviously the title is a joke, but with the re-opening of their Omotesando Store in Japan, Louis Vuitton has released two new sneakers, that look a lot like your favorite Vans. Actually they are pretty much exactly the Sk8 Hi’s and Lo’s. The hi top sneaker comes with denim side panels and the LV signature monogram design. The lo top sneaker is a little bit more subtle and features the monogram embossed. Via Honeyee.

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  1. the hi-tops are ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUSLY FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the price for em is probably outrageous so I guess i won’t bother :(

  2. JT:

    Well, you got the price on the Honeyee blog. 76,650円 and thats aprox. 795.032 USD ;)

  3. that\’s around 10X more expensive than a vans hi\’s

  4. Jimbo:

    nice rip.

  5. Olivier:

    waow that one of the most ridiculous thing LV ever made

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