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Line Skis 2009

02 January 2009, 16.30 | Posted in skiing | 1 comment »

lineskis 2009 front Line Skis 2009

Founded in 1995 under the premise that skiers needed equipment that could help redefine what the sport was all about, Line Skis boast some of the industries most inspired graphics. Add to that consistent praise from the Ski rags (particularly for the Prophet) and you have yourself a high art product with some pretty high performance. Or a high performance product with some pretty high art, however you wish to view it. 2009 brings new editions of the popular Prophet, and some stellar graphics.

More Line Skis for 2009 after the jump.

lineskis 2009 1 Line Skis 2009

lineskis 2009 2 Line Skis 2009

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1 comment
  1. dex653:

    line skis are dope. imo, last year’s prophets had better “art.”

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