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eS x The Brown Buffalo

30 March 2009, 21.35 | Posted in Accessories, collabs, Packs & Bags, Skateboarding | 113 comments »

es bags all eS x The Brown Buffalo
In response to their feeling that “the current state of skateboard-influenced-bags is being overrun by non-skateboarding brands” eS has teamed up with The Brown Buffalo Design Company to produce skate luggage designed by skaters for skaters. The result is a collection of 8 packs and bags that cover just about any travel situation a skateboarder might encounter. There is a photo bag, a military rucksack, a board case, an enclosed skateboard travel bag, and several backpacks including the Bobby Worrest sig pack that includes a 6 pack cooler only compatible with Coors Light. Just kidding, Coors Original might fit in there too. For more info go here. Detailed looks at all the bags after the jump.

es fa09 bags scuba eS x The Brown Buffalo
Scuba – photo bag named for eS team photog Scuba Steve

es fa09 bags lim eS x The Brown Buffalo
Lim – Bobby Worrest signature bag

es fa09 bags endio eS x The Brown Buffalo
Endio – Classic reinterpretation with a shoe pocket and hideable skate straps

es fa09 bags jut eS x The Brown Buffalo
Jut – Backpack with Laptop Compartment

es fa09 bags parce eS x The Brown Buffalo
Parce – Vintage Military Rucksack with a Laptop Compartment

es fa09 bags tricky eS x The Brown Buffalo
Tricky – Nice and Smooth

es fa09 bags boarding eS x The Brown Buffalo
Boarding 2.0 – Skateboard enclosed travel bag

es fa09 bags carryon eS x The Brown Buffalo
Carry on 3.0 – An essential board case for every skateboarder on a quick trip

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