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Community Skate Rack

04 April 2009, 21.37 | Posted in Skateboarding, WTF | 1 comment »

Rad Collector - Community Skate Rack
Club Mumble came across this interesting (to say the least) device outside of some lofts in San Diego. Might be good for annoying longboards but seems pretty impractical and/or dumb for a real skate, especially since it has no protection from the rain. Are lofts in SD really too small to hold your popsicle stick?

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1 comment
  1. Mason:

    Seems cool but whats stopping someone from taking a power drill unscrewing one of the trucks and running away with the board and reattaching the trucks. Doesn’t take too long to do that especially with a power tool. Your board is definitely safer inside your house.

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