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Kidrobot x Havaianas

09 April 2009, 08.41 | Posted in collabs, lifestyle, surfing | 1 comment »

img 7154 Kidrobot x Havaianas
Long a favorite of surfers and beach heads worldwide, Havaianas have flipped in recent years from being $3 throw-away flip flops you buy in Brasil to fashion pieces collabed with the likes of Rosa Cha and Swarovski and running more than $200. Next up for this once modest brand is a collab with Kidrobot. The Robothead all-over glows in the dark and all three come with a glowing Robothead keychain. You can pretty much guarantee you’ll be the only one in Ubatuba with a pair of these. Individual looks after the jump.

img 7155 Kidrobot x Havaianas

img 7156 Kidrobot x Havaianas

img 7157 Kidrobot x Havaianas

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