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Manik x Punk Drunkers

12 May 2009, 20.09 | Posted in collabs, Skateboarding | 1 comment »

manik pkds x manik Manik x Punk Drunkers
Seattle’s Manik, who have a knack for dope collabos, is at it again, this time doing a collection with the Japanese brand Punk Drunkers. There are some dope tees and a New Era here but you are going to have to bust out some yen to get a hold of this stuff. If that’s not a problem, the R.A.D shop will hold you down. More images after the jump.

manik pkdx devil head Manik x Punk Drunkers

manik pkdx devil head whit copy Manik x Punk Drunkers

manik pkdx ninja black Manik x Punk Drunkers

manik pkds ninja white Manik x Punk Drunkers

manik pkdx new era red Manik x Punk Drunkers

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1 comment
  1. that’s so awesome, manik makes some great stuff.

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