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Proletariat Skateboards | Hoverboard Deck

12 May 2009, 19.30 | Posted in decks, Skateboarding | 7 comments »

proletariathoverboardskatedeck Proletariat Skateboards | Hoverboard Deck
In more Back to the Future news, Proletariat Skateboards out of Boston has just unveiled their new “Hoverboard” deck that they are releasing this Friday, 5/16. The graphics and marketing materials look good, with a nice attention to detail, however they were slightly beaten to the punch by Hype Skateboard’s out of Dallas’ “McFly” deck. You can’t really have too many hoverboards though. Detailed looks after the jump.

proletariathoverboardbottomclose Proletariat Skateboards | Hoverboard Deck

proletariathoverboardtopdeckclose Proletariat Skateboards | Hoverboard Deck

proletariathoverboarddumpster Proletariat Skateboards | Hoverboard Deck

proletariathoverboardgreen Proletariat Skateboards | Hoverboard Deck

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  1. Tim:

    This is dope!

  2. St187:

    That’s a nice deck! Great mix of all the essentials parts of the original.

  3. definitely a nice compliment to the original. looks good.

  4. Alex:

    This deck is way cleaner than the Hype Deck. That Hype Deck looks wack. The registration is all off and the colors suck. Why even mention it?

  5. alexs bf:

    why even mention it…it was first? the registration and the colors…have you looked at this red thing? its cool if you work for them bro, \\\\\\\\

  6. Hey!! I want one of these!!

    If you have one and are willing to sell/trade…

    Lemme know

  7. callum:

    im from the uk and really want to get one of these decks anyone know where i can get one???

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