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Lakai | Final Kostons

22 May 2009, 01.26 | Posted in Pro Models, Skateboarding, Sneakers | 2 comments »

Rad Collector - Lakai Final Kostons
In what is starting to seem like illuminati machinations, Lakai has chosen to show us all the final Koston 1 which was to be released for Fall but now will never be, except in the hands of some clearly Masonic Lakai bigwigs. How they gonna do us like that? Word is, Obama may join the cause to get these things made, he especially likes the purps. Black and red after the jump. via CtotheJL.

Rad Collector - Lakai Final Kostons

Rad Collector - Lakai Final Kostons

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  1. the solids r my faves

    actually I only like the solids, they should hav made the solid mid versions of these YEARS ago

  2. Thank you so a great deal for your nice suggestion.I will give it a have a shot at.

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