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Nike SB Dunk Keychains

25 May 2009, 18.05 | Posted in Accessories, Skateboarding, Sneakers | 1 comment »

keychains1 Nike SB Dunk Keychains
It’s a little weird if you get one of these and don’t have the actual sneaker to back it up but as keychains go, they are way better than your average. Designed by Dope Factory, there’s a mini version of the “Bearbrick” Dunk, Danny Supa Dunk, “Hawaii” Dunk, “Tiffany” Dunk, “Heineken” Dunk, Stussy Dunk, “Supreme” Dunk, Zoo York Dunk, and the “Paris” Dunk. You can get one free if you order over 100 euros worth of stuff, nice eh? Check them all out after the jump. Via CtotheJL.

keychains6 540x363 Nike SB Dunk Keychains

keychains2 Nike SB Dunk Keychains

keychains8 Nike SB Dunk Keychains

keychains4 Nike SB Dunk Keychains

keychains7 Nike SB Dunk Keychains

keychains5 Nike SB Dunk Keychains

keychains3 Nike SB Dunk Keychains

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