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DC | Go Skateboarding Tour

05 June 2009, 23.46 | Posted in Skateboarding, tours | 1 comment »

gsd crop DC | Go Skateboarding Tour
To get ready for this year’s Go Skateboarding Day on June 21, DC is sponsoring a Go Skateboarding Tour. Jumping off on June 8 in San Diego, DC Ams Greg Myers, Matt Miller, Marquise Henry, Evan Smith and Wes Kremer will be skating through California, Nevada and Utah, until they hit Salt Lake City for Go Skateboarding Day. Along the way, they’ll be filming for the DC Am video and linking up with local homies. For more info hit DC Skateboarding. Full tour stop info after the jump.

June 8th—San Diego, Calif. – Pacific Drive – 1pm – 2pm

June 9th—Orange County, Calif.–Peak Park Skatepark hosted by Identity Board Shop—12pm-2pm

June 10th—Santa Maria, Calif – Fletcher Park hosted by One Way Boardshop— 12pm – 2pm

June 10th—Santa Cruz, Calif. – Ken Wormhoudt Skatepark – 6pm – 7pm

June 11th—San Francisco, Calif. – Potrero Park hosted by FTC – 4pm – 6pm

June 12th—Sacramento, Calif. – 28th & B Skatepark hosted by Ground Zero – 4pm – 6pm

June 13th—Gardnerville, Nevada – Gardnerville Skatepark hosted by 702 – 3pm – 5pm

June 20th—Orem, Utah – Milosport – 12pm – 1pm

June 21st—GO SKATEBOARDING DAY – Salt Lake City, Utah – Meet at Blindside (Sugarhouse) at 2pm, skate to Fairmont Skatepark.

gsd tour web1 540x433 DC | Go Skateboarding Tour

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