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CCS x Go Skateboarding Day NYC

25 June 2009, 14.28 | Posted in Events, Skateboarding, t-shirts | 1 comment »

Rad Collector - CCS x Go Skateboarding Day
It was wack as hell that Go Skateboarding Day got canceled in NY last week but they made the right decision, it was a shitty day with at least 5 different major downpours. Anyway, things are looking up this weekend with Go Skateboarding Day now going on Saturday with bright sun in the forecast! To show how psyched they are CCS decided to do a NY to LA Go Skateboarding Day commemorative tee. They are also hooking up an ice cream truck for skaters to follow around the city and get blessed with free ice cream and these tees. Two places you can definitely find the truck are the Chinatown skatepark and KCDC. Full ice cream truck info after the jump.

Rad Collector - CCS x Go Skateboarding Day

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1 comment
  1. I got the ice cream but I got no t shirt [from CCS at least]
    fucked if i buy one off the site, ill just wait til next year lmao

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