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Orisue | “Songs to Skate To”

06 July 2009, 15.16 | Posted in Music, Skateboarding | 3 comments »

Rad Collector - Orisue "Songs to Skate To"
This is some fly shit. Orisue and Terry Urban for The Press Play Show have hooked up a nice giftie for the summer with the “Songs to Skate To” mixtape. Featuring 27 bangers across pretty much every genre across the board, “Songs To Skate To” is music taken from some of the best skate parts in recent and vintage history including Nas “Made You Look” from P-Rod’s part in “Yeah Right”, Public Enemy “Harder Than You Think” from Koston’s part in “Fully Flared,” and Nina Simone “Feeling Good” from Shane Cross’ part in “Ruthless.” Download it for free right here and get yer skate on! Full tracklist including skate parts after the jump.

1. Songs To Skate To Intro
2. Iron Maiden_Hallowed Be Thy Name (Jamie Thomas: Toy Machine_Welcome To Hell)
3. Cam’ron_Wet Wipes (Lizard King & Theotis Beasley: Baker_Baker Has A Deathwish)
4. Danzig_Mother (Erik Ellington: Zero_Thrill Of It All)
5. Gangstarr_Words From The Nutcracker (Mike Carroll: Girl_Goldfish)
6. Ol Dirty Bastard_Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Lindsey Robertson: Mystery_Black & White)
7. Circle Jerks_Wild In The Streets (Thrashin)
8. Public Enemy_Harder Than You Think (Eric Koston: Lakai_Fully Flared)
9. Jimmy Cliff _The Harder They Come (Lavar McBride: World Industries_Trilogy)
10. Monk The Punk Skit
11. Cream_White Room (Jermey Wray: Plan B_SHS)
12. De La Soul_Eye Know (Daewon Song: World Industries_New World Order)
13. Justice_D.A.N.C.E. (Greg Lutska: Globe_United By Fate)
14. The Moody Blues_Knights In White Satin (Heath Kirchart: Transworld_Sight Unseen)
15. Valley Boy Skit
16. Raekwon_Incarcerated Scarfaces (Danny Supa: Nike SB_Nothing But The Truth)
17. Nas_If I Ruled The World (Kareem Campbell: World Industries_Trilogy)
18. Band Of Horses_The Funeral (Guy Mariano: Lakai_Fully Flared)
19. Q Lazzarus_Goodbye Horses (Marc Johnson: Lakai_Fully Flared)
20. Gleaming The Cube Skit
21. Gangstarr_Work (Kenny Hughes: Element_Third Eye View)
22. Nas_Made You Look (P-Rod: Girl_Yeah Right)
23. New York Dolls_Jet Boy (Jim Greco: Baker_Baker Has A Deathwish)
24. Emanuel Bloom Skit
25. Metallica_Orion (Danny Way: DC_The Video)
26. Aerosmith_Dream On (Rodney Mullen:Plan B_SHS)
27. Nina Simone_Feeling Good (Shane Cross: Lions Den_Ruthless)

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