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Nike 6.0 | Stinkween Braata

07 July 2009, 14.11 | Posted in Shoes, Skateboarding, artist collaboration, surfing | 6 comments »

Rad Collector - Nike 6.0 Stinkween Braata
Nike 6.0 has another rad limited edition kick coming down the pipe. This time it’s their new Braata model hooked up by the artist Mark Paul Deren (a.k.a. Madsteez) and his protege Evan “Stink” Rossell. Done up in an electric green, purple, yellow, and black with glow in the dark laces and a clear sole laid over custom artwork by Madsteez and Stink, the Stinkween Braata will hit in super limited quantities right in time of the US Open of Surfing. These joints will get you noticed. Jack’s Surfboards has just put them up for pre-order here. More images after the jump.

Rad Collector - Nike 6.0 Stinkween Braata

Rad Collector - Nike 6.0 Stinkween Braata

Rad Collector - Nike 6.0 Stinkween Braata

Rad Collector - Nike 6.0 Stinkween Braata

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  1. On the fence about these, I am definitely feeling the glow in the dark move, but I think I would have to see them in person to make an informed decision. At first glance I have to say, if anything, I am feeling the purps the most.

  2. whoooaaaa!!!!!….these are dope….gonna have to kop both colorways….

  3. Fitz G:

    HELLA SICK ASS Shoes!!!

  4. keston:

    are these shoes still in production?????????????

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