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Burton Wheelie Luggage | Irish Plaid

09 July 2009, 13.54 | Posted in Accessories, lifestyle, Packs & Bags, snowboarding | 1 comment »

jussi pa blotto 7507 540x363 Burton Wheelie Luggage | Irish Plaid
In addition to producing some of the sickest shred gear in the world, Burton is also known amongst travel aficionados and powderhounds alike as the brains behind some of the most rugged and intuitive luggage out there. The new Burton Wheelie Double Deck, Wheelie Cargo, and Wheelie Flight Deck in Irish Plaid are no exception, and together are all you need for an endless trek across the globe. Just ask Jussi Oksanen, he’ll tell ya. Photo by Blotto Photo. Close-ups of all three bags after the jump. All are now available at Burton Snowboards Flagship Stores in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. For a complete listing of store info go here.

wheeliedbldck irishpld 480x540 Burton Wheelie Luggage | Irish Plaid

wheeliecargo irishpld 505x540 Burton Wheelie Luggage | Irish Plaid

wheeliefltdck irishpld 475x540 Burton Wheelie Luggage | Irish Plaid

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