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Emerica Rip Slip

27 July 2009, 15.38 | Posted in Shoes, Skateboarding | 4 comments »

Rad Collector - Emerica Rip Slip
On the OG tip, Emerica is dropping the Rip Slip, a new model for spring 2010. Billed as the first fully skateable slip-on loafer, this is the perfect kick for pushing to the store for 40’s and blunts and then coming right back to the beanbag chair without having to put back on your house shoes. There is a rumor that Snoop commissioned his own special pair after seeing these. Stay tuned for more on that. Two other colors after the jump.

Rad Collector - Emerica Rip Slip

Rad Collector - Emerica Rip Slip

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  1. Very hip, but i would stay away from the word “first” Gravis has been making skateable lounge and formal footwear for several years not seasons. Not the leasst of which is the VERY hip dylan reider collection

  2. chopper:

    shut the fuck up you poof

  3. skate for fun, not for mainstream:

    No these are not formal shoes. they are the first skate slippers you idiot. look closely you big fat douchbag

  4. cristina:

    where can i get this

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