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The Brooklyn Element

28 July 2009, 10.03 | Posted in apparel, Bikes, collabs, lifestyle | 2 comments »

m412 brooklyn 1 540x493 The Brooklyn Element
One thing about collabos is that even though everyone swears they are “played out” they open up new directions for the companies involved and when done right are always going to be dope. Case in point is The Brooklyn Element, the new project between Element and Brooklyn Machine Works. You’ve got coast on coast love, eco-friendliness and even some Pharrell thrown in the mix – boom that’s a collab! The Brooklyn Element will consist of a head to toe apparel pack and bike “ideal for alternative transportation, in all environments.” Take a couple looks at the apparel after the jump, we’ll have more on this soon.

ele knits commerce blk 1 397x540 The Brooklyn Element

ele lswoven brooklyn blk 1 419x540 The Brooklyn Element

ele denim desoto gtg frt 1 216x540 The Brooklyn Element

img 8726 bw 1 540x359 The Brooklyn Element

img 8772 bw 1 540x359 The Brooklyn Element

img 8714 bw 1 359x540 The Brooklyn Element

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  1. Jae:

    I feel the team work , will make the dream work. Keep up the excellent creations yall.

  2. [...] Williams.” They haven’t got an Australian release date as yet but you can head over here to check out some product and images. by Dave googletag.cmd.push(function() { [...]

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