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Adaptive Action Sports x X-Games

06 August 2009, 20.55 | Posted in Competitions, Events, exhibitions | 1 comment »

Rad Collector - Adaptive Action Sports x X-Games
This is really some rad shit. You think dudes like P-Rod and Nate Adams are sick, imagine if they were missing an arm or a leg and still shredding that hard. Well that’s the deal with the nationally-recognized nonprofit Adaptive Action Sports, which just took their philosophy of “creating pathways for adaptive athletes” to a whole ‘nother level at this past X-Games. Summer X 15 featured both the Adaptive Skateboard Park Jam demo and the Adaptive Super X Moto X race. These guys are way sicker than anyone in the game. For more on Adaptive Action Sports go here. A couple more ill pics after the jump.

Rad Collector - Adaptive Action Sports x X-Games

Rad Collector - Adaptive Action Sports x X-Games

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  1. It is a really cool 1 ,i really looking forward to have this.

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