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Mica Watches | Site Launch

17 August 2009, 10.28 | Posted in lifestyle, Watches, websites | 2 comments »

mica straight lampin 2 540x359 Mica Watches | Site Launch
New kid on the watch block, Mica, has just launched their website. Coming with a pretty dope concept and some good looking hardware in their all-wood watches, Mica currently has four models, the Plank, Deck, Drift and Baron available in hand carved Black Ebony, Rosewood and Maple. You can cop them all in their new webstore. Expect more from Mica in the coming months. More images after the jump.

plnk watches1 Mica Watches | Site Launch

deck watches4 Mica Watches | Site Launch

drift watches2 Mica Watches | Site Launch

baron watches4 Mica Watches | Site Launch

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  1. Searching:

    The darker one is not on the website. And I waant that one… the website only has the maple watch

  2. Kylie Ellsworth:

    Where can I get the darker wood watch? My husband wants to darker one!

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