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SABRE Fall 2009

25 September 2009, 12.34 | Posted in lifestyle, sunglasses | 1 comment »

kozoiblksidelr SABRE Fall 2009
SABRE is releasing their Fall 2009 collection today. Definitely fashion forward but on the lifestyle tip, they have a bunch of rad styles at about the $100 level like the AWOL, Dr. Paranoid, Nuevo, and the crowd pleasing Kozoi. For a dope living Kozoi lookbook, peep their pictures from the Class tradeshow here and see how many industry heads you can identify. Sabre’s new models are available at select retailers and their Newport Beach showroom, Don’t Panic. More looks after the jump.

kozoitortsidelr SABRE Fall 2009

drparanoidblksidelr SABRE Fall 2009

awolblusidelr SABRE Fall 2009

awoltortsidelr SABRE Fall 2009

nuevoblkwhtsidelr SABRE Fall 2009

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