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Converse Fix to Ride Video Recap

16 October 2009, 19.46 | Posted in Events, Fundraisers, legendary skatespots, Skateboarding, videos | 2 comments »

At the beginning of last month, we told you about the super rad Converse Fix to Ride event popping off in Rio to benefit the famous Arpoador Bowl. Well it went off huge and the Brasilian skate program Skate Paradise has put together a sick segment about the day. Most of it is in Portuguese but Rune Glifberg’s parts are all in English so you should be able to follow along well enough.

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  2. Marcos:

    I would like to clarify that the FIX TO RIDE program was created by the Argentinean Converse team in 2007. The FIRST FIX TO RIDE happened in BRUSQUITAS, MAR DEL PLATA in JANUARY of 2008. From that date untl 2011, 5 FIX TO RIDE were developed in BRUSQUITAS, and othes FIX TO RIDE around the country in Argentina. The idea behind the FIX TO RIDE was the obvios, give the community a decent place to practice. It is important that those who create the ida are globally recognized. Thanks Converse Argentina

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