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Shut Wallpaper Pro Series

16 October 2009, 20.32 | Posted in Pro Models, Skateboarding, decks | 4 comments »

Rad Collector - Shut Wallpaper Pro Series
Shut has another fall banger hitting shops right now, the Wallpaper pro series. Featuring decks with Todd Jordan (8 X 32.0625), Tony Manfre (8 X 32.125), Javier Nunez (7.75 X 31.5), and Felix Arguelles (7.5625 X 31.5) illustrated with spooky haunted house-looking light fixtures and wallpaper, these joints should correspond nicely with the upcoming Hallowe’en holiday. Fifty-two bones in case you were wondering.

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  1. y2kade:

    Shut Todd Jordan deck needs to be my next ride.

  2. These are so ill. I need one. Such a cool smart idea and yet so basic. Check my blog by clicking my name.

  3. If anyone knows where I can get my mitts on the full (unused) set of these epic Wallpaper Pro Series decks, I will pay top dollar. Please contact me:
    I have an extensive collection of one-offs, and other rare boards decorating my abode, and I want this set!

  4. nySK8:

    I happen to have two unused (been hanging on my wall for the past 4 years) Tony Manfre decks (2nd from right in the picture) available for purchase if anyone is interested. Contact me:

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