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Vans Vault x Ray Barbee x Proper

17 November 2009, 16.35 | Posted in collabs, decks, history, Skateboarding, Sneakers | 1 comment »

barbee and gurerro 540x429 Vans Vault x Ray Barbee x Proper
Vans Vault held an event at Proper in Long Beach, California on Saturday to celebrate the release of the new Ray Barbee collection and to celebrate his 20 years of influence on skateboarding. In an amazingly rad display, Proper had all of Barbee’s boards from 1989 to the present including Powell-Peralta, The Firm, and his upcoming deck with Element. The Element artwork was done by none other than Sean Cliver, the man responsible for the original Barbee Ragdoll graphic. As if the night couldn’t be steeped in any more legendary-ness, Barbee and Tommy Guerrero closed things out with a jam session. Check out the boards after the jump. Via Sean Cliver/DisposableBlog. Read Cliver’s super dope essay on Barbee here.

barbee 1989 1993 540x329 Vans Vault x Ray Barbee x Proper

barbee 1993 1997 540x332 Vans Vault x Ray Barbee x Proper

barbee 1998 2006 540x313 Vans Vault x Ray Barbee x Proper

barbee stuff 540x359 Vans Vault x Ray Barbee x Proper

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    At last a feature worth reading on this site, that celebrates true skating & a pioneer rather than the collector/fan boy/ limited colourway shite thats usually rolled out on here….

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