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Manny Santiago Interview

24 November 2009, 18.56 | Posted in interviews, Skateboarding | 49 comments »

Rad Collector - Manny Santiago Interview
With Axion finally hitting the streets again, the strength of their team is going to go a long way in determining their success. Their latest addition, Manny Santiago, joins Anthony Williams, Kyle Nicholson, Kevin Taylor and super OG Javier Nunez to give the team a nice rounded out steez with what Axion’s Mirko Mangum describes as “a positve mental attitude with smiles and good times for everyone around.” RadCollector linked up with Manny to talk about how he connected with Axion and what he’s got jumping off next. Read the full interview and peep some dope sequences after the jump.

Rad Collector - Manny Santiago Interview

How did you link up with Axion?
Felix said something about the brand coming back and I was hyped on it. He just told me, “Good things come to those who skate,” and then after a couple months Mirko approached me!

Was Axion a brand you were feeling back in the day?
Yeah of course! Who didn’t? My homie Boston would always come back from Cali with the freshest pair.

What are the streets saying about the brand coming back? Do you think kids are up on it?
With good things people always hate, plus skating is so stuck on a certain way shoes look now, but really I miss all the old skate shoes! Yeah a lot of people saw me in the samples and were super hyped on them!

Which kicks are you skating in mostly?
The Mandelas are my favorite right now, they’re good straight out the box.

Whats the best thing about working with the Axion?
That I feel like I’m part of a shoe company that cares about what I think and are open for suggestions. Nevermind that it’s Axion! Legendary!

What do you have poppin this winter?
Actually I’m out in LA right now filming for my part in the Famous Skate Video, then Tampa Am in December then back out to LA. Also I’m headed out to SF to finish my part for the Think/City video!

Shout outs?
Shout out to everyone that’s helped me out, all my sponsors: Think Skateboards, Axion, Famous, Venture trucks, Hubba wheels, Lucky, and Pioneers skate shop. Of course my friends and family. And a special thanks out to Felix because he pushed us from the beginning and always had our back! As he would say “life is easy bro, just drink a gallon of water and skate all day.”

Rad Collector - Manny Santiago Interview

Rad Collector - Manny Santiago Interview

Rad Collector - Manny Santiago Interview

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