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Head x PAL | Team Setup

16 December 2009, 22.18 | Posted in artist collaboration, boots, helmets, snowboarding, snowboards | 1 comment »

pal kit 540x479 Head x PAL | Team Setup
In some serious proof that it’s who you know, not what you know, Head Snowboards have commissioned an entire kit by a five year old boy. Sure his dad happens to be the famous German grafitti artist LOOMIT, and sure he may already happen to have an all caps name, but PAL is still a kindergartner in an actual Kindergarten (cause that’s what they’re called in Germany.) Regardless, little man got the gig and hooked up a board, binding, and helmet with his doodles and now he’s got dudes like Shayne Pospisil and Christophe Schmidt riding his shit. Wait til he’s ten. Detailed looks after the jump.

px5 team f 477x540 Head x PAL | Team Setup

pro team f 537x540 Head x PAL | Team Setup

team f Head x PAL | Team Setup

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