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Park Police Vs Snowboarding

23 December 2009, 22.20 | Posted in snowboarding, videos, WTF | 3 comments »

In a move so cliche that it’s laughable, park police in Brooklyn rolled up on an impromptu mellow jib session in Fort Greene Park, smashed the jump and told everyone they would get summonses for snowboarding because it is illegal in New York City. This all in the face of the fact that the NYC Parks Department has gone overboard in the last few years courting shredders with events from the Union Square Street Sessions to the Redbull Snowscrapers. This cop was apparently on a donut break during those events. From start to finish she’s got lines so dumb, you’d have a hard time making them up. Cops apparently just live to hate on the shred. Via BLK OPS.

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  1. Yea, fuck the police and the trumped up charges. Way to make money you fat lazy fucks. You’re on TV!

  2. Yeah, right when I was about to go for a nice FS 360 they destroyed the kicker lol terrible. They had to roll deep over our way. The hood was out in full force.

  3. Todd:

    Fuck that. That\’s the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. As long as they keep hiring people like this, those big events like RB Snowscrapers, and Union Square Street Sessions (that only happen because of the permitting/production money kick backs to their department) will never have the grass roots impact that they should.

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