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Nike 6.0 Snuggie

24 December 2009, 16.10 | Posted in Accessories, lifestyle | 1 comment »

snug1 Nike 6.0 Snuggie
Hollerin “Snug Life” til they die, Nike 6.0 has just released a super limited special edition fleece piece called the Snuggie. Made of 100% non-tickle fleece in a bright blaze orange, the box promises that “if you find yourself disoriented and stumbling down a busy highway, the Snuggie keeps you visible.” The Snuggie comes packaged with invisible hugs from Nike 6.0 and is only available from Santa this Christmas. More Snuggie after the jump.

snug2 Nike 6.0 Snuggie

dsc 0071 Nike 6.0 Snuggie

dsc 0073 Nike 6.0 Snuggie

dsc 0075 Nike 6.0 Snuggie

dsc 0074 Nike 6.0 Snuggie

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