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Nike 6.0 Dunk Canvas

08 January 2010, 19.57 | Posted in lifestyle, Sneakers | 1 comment »

60 dunk2 Nike 6.0 Dunk Canvas
Getting right into Agenda, one of the dopest finds there today were these new men’s canvas Dunks from Nike 6.0. Although 6.0 has flipped Dunks for ladies and youth, this is their first foray into appropriating the timeless classic into a men’s model. These are going to be a 6.0 best seller. Two more colorways after the jump.

60 dunk3 Nike 6.0 Dunk Canvas

60 dunk Nike 6.0 Dunk Canvas

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1 comment
  1. Do you all have no idea what you’re talking about? They’ve been making 6.0 Dunks for men forever. The only thing different/special about these are the vulcanized sole which has yet to be used… and you all didn’t even mention that at all.

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