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Oakley Anti-Freeze Frogskins

11 January 2010, 16.32 | Posted in special editions, sunglasses | 1 comment »

Rad Collector - Oakley Anti-Freeze Frogskins
The other standout piece at the Oakley booth at Agenda were these transparent slime green Frogskins. Dubbed, “Anti Freeze,” there is a rumor that if you were tapped in the backcountry with a stalled out sled, you could melt these down for one last chance at getting the engine started. They will be sold out before they drop. Another look after the jump.

Rad Collector - Oakley Anti-Freeze Frogskins

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  1. [...] Day” Sunglasses | Hypebeast The Antifreeze has black iridium with red logo on the earstems: Oakley Anti-Freeze Frogskins | Reply With [...]

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