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Ashbury x Bryan Herman | Crenshaw

12 January 2010, 17.16 | Posted in Pro Models, Skateboarding, sunglasses | 9 comments »

Rad Collector - Ashbury x Bryan Herman Crenshaw
Keeping is straight G-Code, Ashbury is releasing the Crenshaw this Spring. Bryan Herman’s signature shade is a dark and chunky gangsta black acetate that’s perfect for taking it to all them trick ass bitches tryin to creep on your block y’heard? Peep some detailed looks after the jump.

Rad Collector - Ashbury x Bryan Herman Crenshaw

Rad Collector - Ashbury x Bryan Herman Crenshaw

Rad Collector - Ashbury x Bryan Herman Crenshaw

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  1. todd:

    WOW! Ashbury is ripping off yet another SABRE frame?! These guys need to get real and quit copying sabre. Almost all of the Ashbury collection is a straight knock off of sabre.

  2. Crapbury:

    These guys are so wack – it is a complete direct Sabre rip off……

    Quit while your behind guys your shit is obvious and lame

  3. Unispired:

    Worst brand ever – FAIL

  4. Complete Madness:

    Yep that’s Sabre’s madness frame

  5. Ryan:


  6. Funny:

    The kids know there shit is wack and that’s all that matters!

  7. David:

    OMG they have even ripped off Sabre’s website – now they have a clip as a front page and all black site. These guys have no shame!

  8. Ashborrow:

    Ash “Borrow” – or stolen

    Bet they thought no one would even notice…..looks like a sinking ship!

    H aha ahahaha

  9. seanp:

    ashbury is a snowboard goggle company…..chill….im sure plenty of companys have a frame that looks like that

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