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SHED x Emerica

15 January 2010, 19.35 | Posted in collabs, Music, Skateboarding, Sneakers | 5 comments »

Rad Collector - SHED x Emerica
Getting towards the end of our stash from Agenda, we bring you this preview of the SHED x Emerica collab. If you don’t know, SHED, which is made up of Sam Hitz, A. Scott, Chad Mohler, and Darren Navarrette hates rollerblading. More looks after the jump.

Rad Collector - SHED x Emerica

Rad Collector - SHED x Emerica

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  1. Emerica and a couple other ‘big’ skate companies are looking for ways to step it up and move in different directions. Capitalizing on new gay trends…I’m actually surprised they haven’t embraced blading by now. Especially since right now lame = cool. People are wearing the wackest shit ever (just look at these shoes!) and just acting like idiots in general. So I guess that means rollerblading is tight now too, right? Well even if it isn’t, I’d rather be caught with a pair of blades, than a pair of these shoes.

  2. These are the best shoes Emerica has ever made.

  3. Ptj:

    These shoes look pretty f-ing good to me. Simple, comfortable, skateable.

  4. jcore:

    If i catch you with a pair of blades on I will kick you in the head with these shoes!

  5. Richard Scott aka Pops:

    Yo Dude — Wassup. Pops here. That shoe is sick, and I gotta wear it, cause whack it ain’t, cool it is. And at my age, I need all the cool I can possibly stand.
    Great shoe, Aaron.
    Proud of you, man. Good job, as always.

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