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Daily News

Snowboarding Is Legal in Brooklyn

19 January 2010, 17.53 | Posted in WTF, snowboarding | 1 comment »

deka 540x326 Snowboarding Is Legal in Brooklyn
In a resounding victory for shredders all over the globe, the NY Daily News reported today that New York City park officials had reviewed the comments made by park officers in response to the incident in Brooklyn that we reported on last month in which park police shut down a jib session by claiming that snowboarding was illegal in New York city parks and the city of NYC as a whole. As suspected, it was total horseshit and based on the video posted by Rad Collector and other outlets, the Parks Department has formally declared that they were in error, saying “The statement that it is not permitted at all is not accurate, and our staff has since been advised otherwise,” and adding that snowboarding is permitted in parks, just as sledding and cross-country skiing are allowed when weather permits. Case fucking closed. At the epicenter of the brouhaha was Rad Collector columnist Brian Deka Paupaw. Read the article in its entirety here after the jump.

‘Bizarre’ snowboard ban Parks Dept. says it goofed after Brooklyn confrontation becomes YouTube hit

That’s totally bogus!

That was the reaction of a snowboarder and his pals after park rangers booted them from Fort Greene Park for riding their boards on a steep hill after a heavy snowstorm before Christmas.

But after the incident was captured on video and became a YouTube sensation, red-faced Parks Department officials were forced to admit there are in fact no rules barring snowboarding in city parks.

“It was ridiculous. I’ve been snowboarding in that park for five years,” said Brian Paupaw, 35, of Bedford-Stuyvesant, who snowboards regularly in parks across the borough when conditions are right. “There’s no rule against that.”

The run-in happened Dec. 20, when Paupaw headed to the peak of Fort Greene Park for some urban riding, but was soon ushered off the slopes by two park rangers who insisted snowboarding was prohibited in city parks.

Paupaw was accompanied by his filmmaker friend Jason Scott Jones, who filmed the incident and posted it on the Internet.

“Everything happened in front of the camera, which is kind of bizarre,” said Jones, who grew up in Crown Heights. “I was surprised. It wasn’t like we were part of some big event.”

The footage shows Paupaw taking joyrides downhill toward Myrtle Ave., and offering tips to children who befriended him and had never been on a snowboard before borrowing his.

The snowboarders pushed their luck when they commandeered a garbage can and used it as a ramp to launch themselves airborne – prompting the rangers to confront them.

“Snowboarding is illegal in New York City parks,” insisted one ranger seen in the video.

When Paupaw and his friends questioned the crackdown, the ranger stood by the alleged ban but told the group that if it hadn’t misused city property, “we could have looked the other way.”

After reviewing the YouTube video, a spokesman for the Parks Department said the rangers were right to reprimand the snowboarders for misusing the trash can, but added that they goofed when they said the sport is banned.

“The statement that it is not permitted at all is not accurate, and our staff has since been advised otherwise,” said agency spokesman Phil Abramson.

Abramson said snowboarding is permitted in parks, just as sledding and cross-country skiing are allowed when weather permits.

Despite the clarification, Paupaw is still upset and said it shows how much the area has changed.

“There was a time when no one cared what happened in Fort Greene Park,” he said.

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