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Nike 6.0 Greatest Hits | Red Ledge

27 January 2010, 13.35 | Posted in resorts, snowboarding | 1 comment »

Showing their continued dedication to core shredding, Nike 6.0 has created the Greatest Hits project at Mt. Seymour, British Columbia. For the next month, Nike 6.0 will be recreating three legendary shred spots at Mt. Seymour, starting this Saturday, January 30th, with the Red Ledge from Montmorency Falls in Quebec City. Not necessarily anti-Olympic, Greatest Hits is more of a reminder that snowboarding is way more about homies than medals and flags and each fabricated spot is being chosen through an online vote at Spot #2 is a BC electrical box and spot #3 is still TBD. 6.0 and Mt Seymour are also throwing in lots of treats during each session. We’ll have more on this throughout the month. Full info after the jump.

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  1. Nick Engvall:

    Nike 6.0 has been doing great things lately, this is another.

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