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Scotty Lago Sent Home From Olympics

19 February 2010, 16.48 | Posted in Competitions, snowboarding, WTF | 15 comments »

0219 scotty lago splash Scotty Lago Sent Home From Olympics
In some serious bullshit, Scotty Lago got bounced from the Olympics today because of this picture that showed up on TMZ this morning. The official word that was just circulated says Lago volunteered to leave and miss the closing ceremonies but word around town is that the IOC wanted to take his medal away and going home was a compromise. Seriously, on the scandal scale, this pic rates like a 2 and to fuck a 22 year old kid over for something as PG as a little medal biting is ridiculous. Rad Collector is in Vancouver right now and can tell you that what’s happening across this whole city all day and night during the games is a lot more obscene than this. It’s a further mistreatment of snowboarding and snowboarding culture that doesn’t want or need to adhere to archaic Olympic jock standards. Snowboarding is supposed to be fun. Read the AP story here.

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