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Official Summer 2010 Lookbook

03 March 2010, 14.20 | Posted in hats, lifestyle, Skateboarding | 5 comments »

Official is getting ready to crank out some heat and have just released a peek at their summer 2010 lookbook. A mix of laid back deckwear-inspired 5 panels, gully wool fitteds, and head cooling mesh snap-backs make the collection accessible across the board. Take note of the new Lurk Hard tee in the lookbook as well, that’s a bonus sneak peek. Full collection after the jump.

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  1. I like the hats.

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  3. sup wit that goofy ass black dude 3 pics down from the top? His hat and glasses are WAY to big, but his beard and mustace are too small.

  4. bennyboy621:

    is that a celtic ball?!

  5. Sia:

    Niko I see you!!!

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