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Oakley x Shaun White | Holbrook

15 April 2010, 09.43 | Posted in lifestyle, sunglasses | 4 comments »

white2 540x253 Oakley x Shaun White | Holbrook
Since bringing back the Frogskin, the ridiculous demand for these once simple, almost throwaway glasses has gotten to the point where Oakley has had to figure out ways to satisfy their lifestyle consumer with a slightly more performance oriented frame. Last year it was the Jupiter, which although well-received for the most part, didn’t quite satisfy everyone. For round two, Oakley tapped brother wunderkind, Shaun and Jesse White to come up with the Holbrook, a newer school take on classic American frames. We like em. Get your preorder on right here. Full colorways after the jump. Via Lasse Anderson.

shaun 3 540x253 Oakley x Shaun White | Holbrook

shaun 4 540x253 Oakley x Shaun White | Holbrook

shaun white 540x253 Oakley x Shaun White | Holbrook

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  1. [...] Dopo un primo teaser all’inizio di Marzo, è stata da poco lanciata la collaborazione tra Shaun White e Oakley. Come potete capire, il giovane e talentuoso snowboarder californiano ha disegnato con Oakley un nuovo frame dallo stile classico, vagamente ispirato ai Frogskins e proposto in 5 varianti colore. Via RadCollector [...]

  2. [...] looks after the jump and at Rad Collector. Read the rest of Oakley Holbrook by Shaun [...]

  3. [...] Rad Collector var linkwithin_site_id = 40896; (function () { var elem = document.createElement('script'); elem.type = 'text/javascript'; elem.src = '' + Math.random(); document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(elem); })(); [...]

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