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Grizzly Griptape by Diamond

18 April 2010, 21.35 | Posted in Accessories, griptape, Skateboarding | 34 comments »

Diamond formally announced this weekend that they are about to shake up the griptape game with the launch of Grizzly Griptape with Torey Pudwill. Joining Pudwill on the Grizzly team will be P-Rod, Dyrdek, Andrew Brophy, and Guy Mariano. In other words, they can’t lose.

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  1. Michael:

    yo we seen you grip tape on Fantasy Factory and me and my friends want to help rep Grizzly Griptape, we are not that good at skatin but we will deff get the word out about the grip, just send us a stack of grip and we will but it on our boards and talk to our local skate shops and help get the word out

  2. Kody:

    hey i saw the grizz grip on fantasy factory jus like 10 minitues ago n i thought it was awsome if torey could pull a laser flip on tha stairs n i know some local skateshops in my town n around but i could try to get the word out for you guyz and it would be great if you could send some enogh for introducing to the shopz around umm send me an email or something or call one of these two #s and ask for Kody E and well see what can go down for you 724 963 8207 , 724 887 5493 and you can reach me at my email as well

  3. jazzie dee:

    saw the grizzly griptape on fantasy factory and i loved the shirt where can i get one???

  4. Navil:

    I wanna get the griptape does anyone know where to find it online?

  5. Hey me and my friends are interested in the grip and if you need help promoting it we have a group of like 6 guys and we hit skateparks all the time ao we can spread it pretty quick

  6. Jimmy Meyer:

    yo i need to have that grizzly grip tape shirt they were wearin on fantasy factory!!! i will pay sooooo much for it hahah i dont skate anymore but i will definitely help get the word out if i can get that shirt. for real one of the best shirts i have ever laid eyes on!!!!!!

  7. jj:
  8. Gino:

    Hey man what’s up. I don’t mean to brag but my friend rips at skating and was wondering if Torrey is sposoring for that grip tape. Me and my other friends go around town skating at skateparks street spots and we always have hookups with some skateshops in our area like jays board shop active zumiez and all that stuff we can help spread the word about this griptape and more just send me nd my friends a stack of grip tape and I myself am a photographer and filmer I can take videos and pictures promoting the grip tape and spread the word to all the local skaters where I live maybe over 3000 of em in my town maybe more idk. But if your interested in getting the grip tape more noticed around everywhere please contact me at my email ([email protected]) or call me on my cell phone any time between 1P.M-9P.M and if I don’t answer PLEASE leave me a voice mesaage my cell phone number is (951-816-1069) Thank You and please Reply. Have a nice day

  9. Lillian:

    Yo I looked at this griptape on robs show and I must say that grizzly tape should have its own website. with a link to the original creators. And that I also have an idea for the grizzly grips line of clothes. Clothes that are so soft its like bear fuzz.. Email me your thoughts about it. and Ill come back to you.

  10. rudy:

    i saw this on the fantasy factory where can i get sum so i can spred the word and put it on my scooter and board i hav a group of skate friends we can get the word out so please just snd me some ill get it noticed

  11. rudy:
  12. mathew:

    hey guys here in ohio id like to help rep grizzly grip. just 1 pice would work to help me get the word out

  13. chris:

    yo send me about 3 pieces of theat grip so I can get the word out in detroit

  14. Aric:

    I am a skater that lives in PA and I’ve heard a lot about this griptape and I believe I would enjoy riding with Grizzly Griptape. although I’ve heard a lot about this griptape my friends who also skate have not heard about it. A lot of my friends use Mob griptape and they enjoy using it but the always complain about having to buy new shoes because the grip destroys their shoes. So I would love to let my friends sample this griptape, and I would also love to sample this griptape. But the only problem is that I do not have any of Grizzly Griptape to share with my friends. So if you could send me just a couple of sheets of Grizzly Griptape I would glady sample it and tell you what my friends and I think of it. Also my local skate shop has a small selection of griptape to choose from, so maybe if i show them the griptape and they are interested in it they will buy the griptape from you and sell it at their shop. If you would reply that would be awesome!! Thank you so much!!, Aric

  15. Aaron:

    I skate in reno NV, the shops here only have jessup, mob ,and blk magic.. mob and magic tear through my shoes and jessup is not good quality . i wanna try some griz grip. imma tell all tha shops in town i need a shirt and some grip where can u get it ??

  16. Andrew:

    Same here as Michael,you’ll see most teens here in Long Beach CA.,there’s a lot of skate shops down here but a few skateparks but I know some skate shops that’d probably also help Grizzly Grip’s rep up,I’ll also try to get the word out in all the skateparks I do to and tell them whats up,don’t know if your interested beacause Michael is already helping,but if you still need help,contact me on my email@ ………[email protected] and you can tell me whats up,hope the best for the company.

  17. Gio:
  18. Zack:

    i saw this on fanasty factory nobody in the bakersfield sells this you should try to sell it at mainland or zumiez

  19. Tyler Rodriguez:

    Hey i lyk the griptape but i cant find any in alaska.? i would lyk 2 help get the word out about this grip cuz i lyk the design of it n i sk8 pretty good well i would lyk some n i would put on my board n help get the word out..!plz write baq on my yahooand leave a message thank u…!

  20. Tyler Rodriguez:
  21. Jenia:

    Were can I get the grip tape?

  22. Cole Petty:
  23. davian:

    hey i was thinking about getting the grip tape but none of the shops out here are going to have it i would like to help get the word out about the grip too there`s alot of skaters that i can introduce the grip and let them know

  24. brayden:

    yo i heard about your grip tape in transworld skateboarding a couple months ago and i was wondering where i can buy it or if you guys can hook me up with some so i can spread the word around the local skate area

  25. brayden:

    and also possibly a shirt if its not to big of a deal

  26. Mike Howells:

    Hey guys my local skateshop has some nice boards and i love to skate them but i really hate buying them because they only sell this cheap crap grip and i was wondering if i could get some to sample because anything by Tpuds is fine by me.

  27. gerardo:

    yo ive been here’n bout this grip tape and im in a skate team called grind hard im not realy good but im aight. i jus wanted to see if i could help get the word out for grizzly bear grip tape. ill talk to local skate shops bout it and show all my homies. later

  28. omar:
  29. Michael N.:

    hey i know quite a few guys who skate as i do myself and one of them have lazered a 7 stair i think and another one 360 flipped it they are both really good and i have got some connections myself a lot of my friends skate and i can help get the word out if u want you counld just send me a message my email account is [email protected] if you want to contact me i live in anaheim and like i said i know a bunch of people who skate and i see them all the time and theyre good a couple of them are sponsored by avtive so i will be able to help get the word out

  30. Qowon Jenkins:
  31. cameron:

    I need some grizzly griptape

  32. cameron:

    Im in bakersfield california and im allways seeing great skaters here and there are allways at least one skater at beach park that can do some of the best tricks I ever seen some if you guys can come check it out their mite be some one you can sponser

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