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èS x Ron English

23 April 2010, 16.04 | Posted in artist collaboration, Skateboarding, Sneakers | No comments »

ron english es square mid 1 04 540x348 èS x Ron English
èS has tapped the genius of Ron English for a collaborative Square One Mid. Way more subdued than other recent English collabs, the shoe features only a small heart and Ron English Propoganda logo on the side, saving the artwork for the sole which sports an English three eyed bunny staring through the clear tread. More images after the jump. Via FreshnGood.

ron english es square mid 1 02 540x405 èS x Ron English

ron english es square mid 1 01 540x355 èS x Ron English

ron english es square mid 1 03 540x401 èS x Ron English

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