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O’Neill x Surfrider | Oil and Water Don’t Mix

01 July 2010, 18.42 | Posted in Fundraisers, special editions, surfing, t-shirts | 1 comment »

IMAGE ONEILL OilRig Tee back O’Neill x Surfrider | Oil and Water Dont Mix
As a response to the ridiculously horrible oil spill in the Gulf, O’Neill and the Surfrider Foundation have printed this limited edition “Oil and Water Don’t Mix” t-shirt. With that simple message on one side and an image of a crossed out oil rig on the other, the shirt makes it pretty clear how the Surfriders feel about the situation and all proceeds from the shirt will go to their “Not The Answer” campaign which monitors whats happening in the Gulf and hopes to stop all offshore drilling alltogether. The shirt drops exclusively at ONeill and Killerdana today. A look at the Drill graphic after the jump.

IMAGE ONEILL OilRig Tee front O’Neill x Surfrider | Oil and Water Dont Mix

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