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Sequence Films | Split the Sin Trailer

26 July 2010, 16.47 | Posted in snowboarding, videos | 2 comments »

While there seems to be some collective questioning each season about whether snowboarding has finally hit its peak or further progression is indeed possible, or whether snowboarding is completely gay and everyone who does it should just quit and learn how to skateboard, each year those questions are proven to be stupid by a bunch of dudes who are shredding the shit out of some snow. This year’s answer comes from Sequence Film’s Split the Sin. Ask Alex Bocaj, Yan Devo, Kael Hill, Zach Aller, Fred Lacroix, Hugo Kartier, Brendan Gerard, Shawn Colley, Matt Caron, Yan Lamontagne, P-N Lessard, Phil Tardif if snowboarding is dead and see if you don’t get punched in the mouth.

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  1. justanswering:

    uhhh, yeah, all those questions were proved stupid without a doubt. the obvious answer being yes. this shit is gayer and more played out than ever. sweet rails and frontside 360’s….really changing the game. a bunch of faggot ass snowbro’s trying to be hipsters. awesome.

  2. really:

    Everyone seems to think that we snowboard cause we cant skateboard. What the f? I dont usually respond to comments on web sites but id like lighten up some people on this matter. I guess these kind of comments come from skaters that dont shred. If u dont like shredding then go on skateboarding web sites. We snowboard cause we were born with one and thats what we do. Watch the movie and Then hate or actually, dont even bother

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