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Shadow | Lahsaan Kobza: Hit the Road Jack Edit

02 August 2010, 19.31 | Posted in bmx, videos | 3 comments »

The Shadow Conspiracy just dropped this buttered out edit of Lahsaan Kobza breezing around San Diego. Make sure to peep the ill 360 over the water gap about halfway thru. The kid has steez.

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  1. Hah- that mad woman was funny.

  2. Man- I love this website but have never posted. Just wanna throw my cents in. From a design sense- so sick of seeing this logo, in so many posts. So many things are just wrong about it to me- it just throws me off every time I come to the site and see it at least once per page (slight exaggeration- slight) . I prolly sound like a wet napkin but I have literally never posted about anything on a blog ever- I only do it because I love this site. Shit is like an MS paint falcon head– or something from Raid Over Moscow (C64)- too harsh? Too late? Too drunk?
    Fix this whack shit please.

    ps- the name (Shadow Consp) is also whack and tired as well. Like I’m reading a Kevin J. Anderson Young Jedi Novel. Get hip- or unhip! Christ I’m being mean! LOLz!

  3. Apologies for the above. It was late, there was medicine involved. Did not mean to try and stir up graphic design beef

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