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ASR 2010 | Office Boyz

16 August 2010, 12.41 | Posted in Skateboarding, videos | No comments »

ASR held a friendly competition called “Office Boyz” to show love for the dudes behind the scenes that keep the skate industry running smooth just for you. Our homie and columnist Blair Alley and the crew over at Transworld got in the mix and brought home some top honors. Check out the powerslide-off footage above and some photos after the jump.

IMG 1206 ASR 2010 | Office Boyz

IMG 1173 ASR 2010 | Office Boyz

IMG 1169 ASR 2010 | Office Boyz

IMG 1203 ASR 2010 | Office Boyz

IMG 1210 ASR 2010 | Office Boyz

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