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LA Skate Film Festival Results

04 September 2010, 11.16 | Posted in festivals, films, Skateboarding | No comments »

The LA Skate Film Fest wrapped this week after two days of screenings and panels that sought to present some of the world’s most diverse and talented skate filmmakers together for a look at the full spectrum of the genre. One of our favorites and the winner for best International Film, Plank, can be seen in its entirety over on Tacky. Full results after the jump.

Winners of the 1st Annual 2010 LA Skate Film Festival are:
Best Emerging Filmmaker: Symmetry, Directed and Produced by Dayman Cash

Best International Film: Plank, Directed by Billy Pols, Produced by Maarten Kuit. Executive Producer: Jeroen Van Den Idsert

Best Skate Shop Video: The Dango is Dead, Directed and produced by Joe Perrin. Executive Producer: John Montesi

Best Independent Film: Machotaildrop, Directed by Corey Adams and Alex Craig, Produced Oliver Linsley and Jared Valentine, Executive Producers: Shon Tomlin and CJ Olivares

Best Documentary: Skateistan: To Live and Skate Kabul, directed by Orlando Von Einsiedel, Produced by Orlando Von Einsiedel and Louis Figgis. Executive Producers: Jon Prever, Thanh Ma, Rod Stanley

Best Commercial: Nestle Aero, Directed by Ty Evans, Produced by Nathan De La Rionda. Executive Producer: Dana Garman

Best US Film: Extremely Sorry, directed by Flip Productions, produced by Ewan Bowman. Executive Producers: Geoff Rowley and Jeremy Fox, Claymation: Edgar Alvarez, Original Music: Baron

Best Soundtrack: Extremely Sorry. Original Music: Baron
Best Editing: Wood, Directed by Colin Kennedy, Produced by Cullen Pythress. Executive Producer: Tim Gavin
Best Photography: Skateistan: To Live and Skate Kabul

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