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BLK OPS | Power Snowboard

19 October 2010, 20.32 | Posted in artist collaboration, snowboarding, special editions | 3 comments »

Brooklyn based crew BLK OPS has it’s first board out this winter with the super limited edition Power by Brian Deka Paupaw. The Power is limited to ten pieces, all signed by the artist. With five reserved for OPS members and two reportedly already sold to Mos Def and Denzel Washington, only three are currently available for collectors. Contact Deka directly here for inquiries. A closer look after the jump.

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  1. This board is dope! i heard it’s so black that snow is afraid to fall on it.

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  3. Darrien:

    Yo, do you all still have this board for sale? This is a badass board man, and I would love to become an owner of one and represent. If so, I would like to get it in a size anywhere between 151 – 154 cm ride. I was looking for another board for awhile to use in place of my Burton Marvel Collector board, and my long ride Lamar board. Please email me back. I never knew this board existed…

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