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Arnette Fire Drill

27 October 2010, 17.31 | Posted in sunglasses | 4 comments »

Fire Drill Gloss Black Grey AN4143 41 87 Arnette Fire Drill
Arnette is dropping new styles again and getting things going with the Fire Drill, a classic large frame shade that scores extra points for having such a rad name. A wide variety of colors as well as polarized and non polarized options are hitting Arnette retailers now. See them all after the jump.

Fire Drill Gloss Black with Red Stems Polar Grey Gradient AN4143 41 T3 Arnette Fire Drill

Fire Drill Gloss White with Violet Stems Grey AN4143 443 87 Arnette Fire Drill

Fire Drill Gradient Brownt Polar Gradient Brown AN4143 351 T5 Arnette Fire Drill

Fire Drill Transparent Red Grey AN4143 236 87 Arnette Fire Drill

Fire Drill Transparent with Aqua Stems Grey AN4143 248 87 Arnette Fire Drill

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