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Sheep Shoes Relaunch?

08 November 2010, 12.22 | Posted in Skateboarding, Sneakers | 7 comments »

If you are a student of skate kicks you may remember a short lived venture from etnies called Sheep Shoes. Well word on the farm is that they are about to be baaaaack.

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  1. Hopefully they’ll still have a good number of vegan options. I loved Sheep Shoes from back in the day.

  2. Wasn’t it exclusively Vegan Options?

    this is dope!!

  3. […] Radcollector postade upp en bild och sen var ryktena igång – kan det gamla 90-talsmärket Sheep Shoes vara på väg tillbaka? […]

  4. Shoez:

    Sheep had leather and suede shoes too, it was a common misconception that they had all vegan shoes. That team was so sick, great video too.

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  6. Knowitall:

    They try to do it as an Etnies Side Label for cheaper and vegan shoes.
    But the prices for vegan Lether got higher than real lether – so the concept of cheap
    shoes dosent work out…
    But i like the shoes back than also!

  7. eR:

    This is Es “Sheep colab”

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