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Emerica | Brandon Westgate Pro Model

01 December 2010, 13.29 | Posted in Pro Models, Skateboarding, Sneakers | 3 comments »

DSC1382 Emerica | Brandon Westgate Pro Model
Emerica is set to drop Brandon Westgate’s first first pro model on January 15th. Doubling down on the date, they’ll also be releasing a new banger part from Westgate promised to have “no throwaway” material. A closer look at the shoe and the release ad after the jump.

DSC1381 Emerica | Brandon Westgate Pro Model

Westgate newshoe newpart Emerica | Brandon Westgate Pro Model

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  1. really?:

    wow, Emerica made a half-cab too. is there any originality anymore?

  2. [...] dieser Tage einen neuen Clip von Brandon Westgate rausgehauen, um seinen ersten Signature Schuh, den Westgate zu promoten. Wobei mir der Schuh ziemlich egal ist, die Info gibts eigtl. auch nur der [...]

  3. plantar fasciitis stretches…

    [...]Emerica Brandon Westgate Pro Model |[...]…

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