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Gravis Rieder Boot

12 February 2011, 22.16 | Posted in Shoes, Skateboarding | 6 comments »

gravis rieder boot 03 Gravis Rieder Boot
It will be interesting to see how long it takes for Dylan Rieder to be acknowledged as the footwear visionary he is. Seriously, even though 90% of skateboarders and 100% of skateboarders not living in LA could never rock this shoe, Rieder’s got some major balls to push Gravis to run it. Hits at select Gravis retailers in August. Black is above, check out the dark coffee after the jump.

gravis rieder boot 02 Gravis Rieder Boot

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  1. [...] the rest of Gravis Rieder Boot (0 [...]

  2. [...] Gravis Rieder Boot [...]

  3. Yo:

    “Even though 90% of skateboarders and 100% of skateboarders not living in LA could never rock this shoe” – Yes, because all hipster skaters live in LA…. No wonder the US’ hegemonic world view is completely fucking distorted.

  4. Verdensur…

    [...]Gravis Rieder Boot |[...]…

  5. Tim:

    I’m an athletic 55 year old who LOVES these shoes. Received many comments on the style and where did you find them. I don’t rock a skateboard in them; casual wear and dating. Got one of each color….they are very comfortable and slipper-like. Of course I just like to be different for my age; not yet ready to look like a Sears ad. Ugh.

  6. Tim:

    *UPDATE* These shoes are MONSTER in Europe and Japan. Even boarders!! They are pretty much impossible to find in stock on line unless your standing on 13/14 size. Knowing this I’ll take care to make them last……………………………………and leave them home if I go to L.A………ha

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