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Grove x MapleXO | iPhone 4 Skateboard Case

10 March 2011, 19.09 | Posted in Accessories, phones, Skateboarding | 67 comments »

The latest in skate inspired iPhone covers is easily the sickest one yet. High end case company Grove linked up with recycled skate deck jewelry maker MapleXO to create a super limited run of 50 iPhone 4 cases made from actual skate decks. Some more looks at the process behind sanding and slicing the decks into strips as well as the finished product after the jump. Via designboom.

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  1. Scott Y:

    Those are so amazing!!! The coolest cases I’ve ever seen

  2. Spamoni3:

    Where can i get 1 for my mytouch 4g… i need this in my life asap!!!!!…. help me out please

  3. denmark kapitel…

    […]Grove x MapleXO | iPhone 4 Skateboard Case |[…]…

  4. PC Memory…

    […]Grove x MapleXO | iPhone 4 Skateboard Case |[…]…

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